The modern Romance-Comedy genre is not in a great place these days. It has joined horror as a genre where young teens will go see a film as long as it fulfills the most standard genre conventions, which means filmmakers can get away with making uninspired garbage.

So I was recommended this film by a guy I know who once spoke to a real life girl, who recommended it to him. I think everyone has seen that poster of Audrey Hepburn with the giant cigarette thing, that is all I knew about it it. So lets take a look!

So I watched it all, and I liked it, however this film is very strange. The main character Holly Golightly, is a sort of feckless glamour girl who as far as I can tell is borderline unemployed. She is a bit mad, in a sometimes creepy way. She is irresponsible to an extreme, entering into marriage engagements like you or me would take a late breakfast. So I was wondering why I kind of liked her, it could be the fact Audrey Hepburn is charisma incarnate. However, it is not hard to like free spirited characters like this. I would love to disregard responsibility without a second thought, and I can see why this character is an escapist fantasy for some. Its easy to say that she is an attractive character.

George Peppard plays the yang to her ying. He is a reserved and gentlemanly fellow who works as a writer, he uses his typewriter once and they visit a library so you know he does something, he’s even shown to have money. His chivalric values leads him to act as a a bit of a white knight, but he means well. He is also often the one doing something silly, as he is a bit of a fish out of water at social functions, which leads to some light laughs. So he was a likeable enough guy and George Peppard does a good job at being charming and handsome as would be expected of him.

So you have these two attractive characters who lead fairly interesting lifestyles. This is good, romance is a glorified fantasy sub-genre, you need these sexy characters for the audience to get into the film. What felt very alien to me was Mickey Rooney starring as a plot device, who also happens to be an Asian charicature. I don’t care about whitewashing really in the context of a very old film like this, but I had to wonder if the film wanted me to laugh at him or not. There was also a cat, I like cats. I thought the animal actor was excellent, he mirrored Holly’s free spirit, I hope he gets a posthumous Oscar.

Look at him, that face has seen some bad shit.
Look at him, that face has seen some bad shit.

So the film has the characters to be great romance story, and it is quite decent in that regard. It is also a fantastically rich looking film, the sets and locations have that wholesome classic Hollywood look to them. I see all the archaic visual tricks like the stationary car with pictures of a back round out side, and I get feel all warm and fuzzy. It just looks so great, in a classy way.

So yeah, if you enjoy classic cinema or enjoy rom-coms,you will enjoy #BreakfastatTiffanys. Thank you for reading.