In our current time of existence there has been nothing more culturally ubiquitous as Star Wars in the west and the wider world. The modern myth has  inspired and delighted millions, everything about the original trilogy is iconic from the characters to the run down, grimy aesthetic. However the fandom is at this time experiencing schisms not felt since Martin Luther.

The luminaries over at Red Letter Media slammed Rogue one as star wars porn for 35 year old fat guys with beards, in said review the ever affable Rich Evans said, quote “What are next?”. But what is next? Disney will milk this thing until the teats have fallen off the cow, are we going to get films that treat the original trilogy with near masterbatory reverence forever? Although I enjoyed Rogue One for what it was I know full well that without the rest of the films it does not stand alone and it probably wont show children the magic of film either, because Disney is only interested in pleasing me and the rest of the asshole fans who absolutely do have an intense love for the original films.

Remember that the Folks at RLM made the Plinkett reviews which articulated so well why so many disliked the prequels. Yes the prequels are just bad films, victims of an overzealous George Lucas who had left behind George the filmaker in favour of George the lazy businessman, choosing to sit in an armchair watching TV screens showing his poor actors mime on a giant green screen set. Anyways the point is they’ll be around, they can never be undone. But at least they are different, not in a good way really, but at least George did attempt to expand Star Wars the fantasy universe rather than iterating entirely on what had gone before, although the prequels are very much linked to the original films.

And so this how the battles will be fought, not over black storm troopers, not over Mary Sues and not over who shot first. Those who are quite happy with more of the same thanks very much, squaring off against those who want the fantastic character writing and feel of star wars instead of the over reliance on the aesthetic and action tropes of star wars. An argument could be made that Star wars is actually a very limited franchise you cant do much with, the lightsabers, the AT-AT’s and so on are the licence. Those are the aesthetic images of star wars that are the most general in nature, the things you can throw in your film that are not character or tone based. The fans want to see these things and risking going without these things invites a bit less fanfare than might otherwise be expected. However personally I find both of the soft reboot films highly enjoyable and look forward to any Star Wars stuff coming over the next decade or so, as it makes me happy. However chances are these upcoming films wont ever equal the originals.

I was not prepared to live in a post Carrie Fisher world this soon, she was younger than both Ford and Hamill for gods sake. Alas she suffered from crippling depression during and after her star role as Leia, falling into a pit of self destruction fueled by drugs and alcohol. But she survived becoming a hilariously self aware woman. Watching her live comedy show Wishful Drinking or reading her book of the same name, is like watching Fisher come to terms with her past and herself. She pokes fun at her sex symbol status, her public perception as Leia Organa,, her own troubled past and the struggles of being different. I liked Carrie Fisher because she was strange and she knew it, her twitter account is glorious, her interviews hilarious, her comedy insightful. Funny thing is in 2015 she took up the role of Leia once more, seeming so completely normal, that for her was true acting. I will always remember Carrie Fisher, who died too young. 

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die – Carrie Fisher 1956-2016 Rest in peace and may the force be with her always.