download                                                                              So Carl its that time of the week where I think about writing something for the old blog. I had a few run ins with Steve over the past week and I would love to angrily write about the wrongs of the world as I see them in every blog post I do until the end of time, and believe me I will from next week on wards for a good long stretch of time. However I want to do something lighter this week.

In my search for soft news I thought, weirdly enough, about everyone’s favorite alchoholic and/or lesbian and/or poet, Elizabeth Bishop. At first I thought about how well she can pull off a straw hat, hence the photo above. But also she made me think about places I may like to visit before I return to the dirt.

Now I have not left good old Eire in a while, at least not in the last seven years and that was only a trip to Manchester to see the last great generation of man united players in action, that is another story. The cause of this is partly financial of course and that is my own problem, but also the discord travel tends to inflict on ones well being. The waiting around in the airport, carrying your bags, living in unfamiliar and uncomfortable surroundings, the many unattractive things about travel that are well documented.

What does make the ordeals worth the trouble, why do people travel? The main reason I might go to a place is wanting to live in an extension of an escapist fantasy that I have had already. I am guilty of being a world war 2 junkie for example, I get such pleasure from the settings and paraphernalia of the most tragic event in human history, it should be illegal. I have lapped up all of the various media based on the war,  from News reels to Generation: War. First stop on the historic tourism trail would of course be Normandy where I would be put in jail immediately for walking around the place with a Garand M1 and doing my best dog impression. The beaches of D-Day, the hedges where many an 88 lay in wait, the once beseiged city of Caen. Why not go north east to Belgium where the battlefields of Flanders fields and the Ardennes await, and before that stop into Bruges so I can make movie references, Ugh such fun it would be.

So beyond the other obvious ww2 related places like Berlin and wherever Vasily Zaytsev’s Mosin Nagant is being kept, where else is there? Games which allow me to explore all the exotic places that either don’t exist or would usually require you to put on pants have provided me with ample escapism from daily life and quenched my desire for exploration rather effectively. However the video game settings that also may be cool in real life would be the U.S mid west, Poland and a rather unlikely one, Wake Island. These places I would visit because of my adventures in Fallout, the Witcher and one of my favorite Battlefield maps respectively, however to get to Wake I would need to join the U.S military and that isn’t possible. But to what end anyway, every video game has an ending or at least a point where it becomes a chore. In that way video games are much like the human experience they try to simulate. No matter where you go, Elizabeth will be there to remind us we will have to soon return, return to all of things we left to escape from.

And how right Liz was, perhaps staying at home and thinking of there is certainly the more sensible option. Perhaps focusing less on getting away and concentrating more on how you can improve your life here is a more logical endeavour.

Next week, more musings from moi, Pierre.