Choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and hope that someone somewhere cares,choose a career,choose a two hour drive to work and the same for your kids only worse, choose a partner, choose to never own your own home, choose a big fucking 4k television, choose your future. choose life.

With the announcement of a sequel to Danny Boyle’s cult classic Scottish black comedy film “trainspotting”, last week with a rather excellent looking trailer I had to wonder if this was a sign of the times. The nineties/twenties zeitgheist is back Carl, life doesn’t matter again, Hurrah!

But what will this age of misery be dominated by? The Nineties had Nirvana and Fight club, the Twenties had Eliot so what will we have? Perhaps we will have Donald Trump  who got elected off the back of a popular revolution against globalism? Yes I think that sounds about right, is that not the root of all our grass roots problems now, companies outsourcing jobs and taking advantage of cheap workers abroad meaning the fat cats keeping the cash and everyone else getting screwed? America chose not to choose their future, they chose something else, they chose Trump.

But the way I see it Ireland cant choose. Trainspotting made Glasgow feel like Berlin in 1946, Most of Ireland is almost as desolate as that now. I remember the boom, I remember the dark days of the great resession, Now is the aftermath of all that, the wasteland, the teachers who seem to beleive that someone someone somewhere cares and detached from our reality they demand pay rises, my ears hiss steam. Yes private sector folks are back to work but that means nothing, a two hour drive to work and an ever more demanding list of requirements and endless red tape to get and keep said work for ever decreasing returns would justify the “why bother”, attitude.

I regret coming to college, I may even drop out soon. Now that’s another blog entirely  but at least one of the reasons  I feel this way is everyone’s reaction to the words”new media and english”, oh what do you do with that? why aren’t you doing a STEM degree, something more real so you can get that soul crushing pharmaseutical/IT/teaching job? I don’t know Steve, thanks for making me feel bad about it, I almost pretend i don’t go to college at home and with acquaintances because of this shame that I have. This is the attitude now for better or worse, choose to fight against all the other graduates for what your mammy says is a “good job”, choose your future.

But I want to choose life,  the real opportunities for young workers are outside of college and in the trades, yes those jobs which the media has chastised for years making it seem that you are worthless if you don’t go to college, that attitude permeates Irish society, reeks of it. Its so smelly we came here to get away from the stench. But it stinks here too, so now what do we do……